Canadian Baptist Women of Ontario and Quebec

Your $ At Work


From its very beginning, CBWOQ has always given funds to ministries working with women-at-risk and vulnerable children around the world . . . from Canadian Baptist Ministries to the very first Matthew House in Canada. From the Oasis-Dufferin Community Centre in Toronto to the dozens of programs conceived and run by home missionaries all across Ontario and Quebec.

Over 100 years later,  we are still giving . . . to ministries and women in whom the Spirit has deposited a fire to serve the most vulnerable among us.

Thank you for contributing to this aspect of our ministry. When you do, we are able to continue funding ministry partners and new initiatives.

Read more about the difference our grants make in the lives of vulnerable women and children in our Spotlight blog. Just scroll down and click the Spotlight button.

In 2015,

Because we believe in God’s heart for economic justice and human development . . .
we gave $135,000 to Canadian Baptist Ministries to support its projects serving vulnerable women, youth and children at risk and food security/community development

Because we remember that Jesus and his family fled to escape genocide . . .
we gave $20,000 in total to the ministries of Matthew Houses in Toronto, Ottawa, Windsor and Fort Erie

Because we welcome new Canadians and want to support the recovery of traumatized women . . .
we gave $25,000 to Oasis Dufferin Community Centre, Toronto, and their women’s ministry targeted at vulnerable Hispanic newcomers

Because we believe troubled teens can turn their lives around . . .
we gave $6,000 to Funny Farm Ministries’ newest program, Farm Girls Rule, in Alymer, Ontario

Because we want to help women foster intimate connections with overseas missions . . .
we subsidized one woman’s trip to South Africa for the Baptist World Alliance-Women’s Department Leadership Conference in July


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