Canadian Baptist Women of Ontario and Quebec

Our Mission

Women on a Mission

Our Vision

A spiritual community of women deeply rooted in Christ and intimately connected to missions.

Our Mission

Authentic experience of God
We want to facilitate women having a genuine interaction with God by curating and creating opportunities for every woman to listen to God. How? Through encouraging practices like pausing at 12:05 p.m. once a week . . . to read Scripture and silently pray; affirming the values of ongoing transformation and fostering community.

Intimate connection with mission
We believe that intimacy with Christ is key to integral mission – both local and global.

We will encourage women to participate in local mission as an act of worship so that mission will be done with a consciousness of his presence in us and in those around us. We hope that LOVE DAY will continue to inspire our Baptist communities to acts of integral mission. Read more about LOVE DAY here.

Second, we will facilitate intimate connections with international mission by encouraging groups to adopt an Anchor Cause.
We encourage each group to choose and focus on one sector in this program. And we will help groups use technology to directly access and interact with Canadian Baptist global field staff and others working in those sectors. Learn about Anchor Causes here.