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Human Trafficking and Pornography

Here’s how we’ve taken a stand against human trafficking and pornography.

Since 2011:

  • 20+ forums raising awareness of the need to end human trafficking
  • 20+ showings of Nefarious | Merchant of Souls
  • successful collaboration with Defend Dignity and Hope For Freedom on Buying Sex Is Not A Sport – a Pan AM Games 2015 grassroots awareness campaign
  • 6 silent stand-ins during the Pan Am Games in 2015, collaborating with Defend Dignity and Hope For Freedom
  • letter writing campaigns and petitions to all levels of government advocating for Canada’s adoption of the Nordic Model of legislation. Bill C-36 is now law in Canada!
  • 2 award-winning series on pornography and abuse written by Baptist women and published in live magazine. Read an article from one of those series here.
  • 100s of signatures collected to urge Starbucks to make their stores family–friendly. Starbucks has announced a review of their policy!
  • 100s of signatures collected to support a motion (M-47) before Parliament to declare pornography a mental health issue. That Motion has been approved and Canada now has to research the issue!

Contact us if you’d like to organize an anti-human trafficking awareness event at  your church or in your Association.

Get the facts. Choose to act.

links, checklists, Bible studies and ideas to keep you informed and active

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