2019 Strategic Giving Projects
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Every one of these statistics reflects influence in someone’s life – all precious to God.

Lebanon – Refugee Children’s Camp
800 refugee kids and Lebanese children who have suffered abuse or neglect, were able to attend 3-day camps and 1-day camps.
• Canadian Baptists directly sponsored 40 children to participate in camps. Through this support, all expenses such as food, transportation and material costs were paid.

DR Congo – Food Security

The Baptist Church in Central Africa (CBCA) is engaged in two separate food security projects – one in Bugharama, Beni territory (near Uganda) and another in Kiliba, Uvira territory (near Burundi). Activities include the provision of improved seeds and seedlings, training in conservation agriculture and better farming technologies, and the establishment of Village Savings and Loans organizations.

  • 200 households in Bugharama and 120 households in Kiliba benefited (approximately 2,560 people in total).
  • CBM contributes approximately 77% of the annual cost, directly helping households at an average cost of $90 per household.
  • Expenses covered include tools and equipment, seeds and seedlings, workshops for farmers, and staff oversight.
  • Approximately 60% of the beneficiaries are female and 40% male.
  • 6 new association Village Savings and Loans groups were organized with 160 members from farmers in the Kiliba project.
  • The Bugharama project established 2 agro forestry trees nurseries which produced 9,250 young trees: 1,250 trees were planted in the demo fields and 8,000 distributed to farmers. 420 m of hedgerows were planted.

DR Congo – Aid for Victims of Sexual Violence

This project helps to improve the health of sexual violence victims, particularly those who were raped as a weapon of war. This includes providing psycho-social support and medical assistance to victims, organizing family mediations, and training in a variety of areas, including positive masculinity and the prevention of sexual and gender-based violence.

  • Through this project, 909 women, men, and children who are victims of sexual and gender-based violence in North and South Kivu provinces were given assistance.
  • Canadian Baptists provide the funding for over 90% of this project. Expenses covered include training, counselling and medical services, family mediations, project coordination and administration.
  • The annual cost for each beneficiary to be part of the project is $30.
  • 13 psycho-social counselling assistants received training in environment protection, gender issues), and new methodologies of agriculture.

Cuba – Scholarships for Women Pastors

This project seeks to empower current and future church leaders for effective ministry by providing scholarships for theological students, training pastors on topics such as integral mission and the work of the church, and mission and evangelism, and facilitating a national gathering.

  • The project indirectly benefited almost 5,000 men, women, and children in the 43 churches of the denomination, 80% of whom are women.
  • Direct beneficiaries supported by Canadian Baptists are 16 students and 60 leaders.
  • 6 national training workshops with 480 participants from 3 regions were held.
  • 52 pastors and seminary students received more in-depth training.