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Urban Ministries Program

We’ll Help:  Refugees, women and children

Total Target: $55,000 CDN

For two decades, Kenya has been a refuge for those fleeing drought, hunger, civil conflict and violence in neighbouring countries. Over time, some of those refugees have migrated to Nairobi. Most of them are poor with very few opportunities and even fewer civil rights. Families are crammed into small apartments doing what they can to earn enough to pay rent and feed their children. In this environment, women and young girls endure the most isolation.

Kenya’s Urban Ministries Program encompasses women’s Self-Help Groups. Several groups have been established with the goal of empowering women socially, economically and politically. Between 400 to 500 women make up a group. The intent is to connect these women from Muslim backgrounds with projects established with CBM’s partner churches.


  • Water filters: $5,400 (CBM wants to distribute 100 filters to new women in the self-help groups)
  • School fees: $6,489 (will help fully pay for 30 children to attend school for one full year)
  • Livelihood training: $13,475 (training women in tie-dying; henna designing; hairdressing, tailoring, grinding wheat flour . . .)
  • Program coordinator/facilitators: $26,950 (members of this team of nationals attend every self-help group meeting and are the hands and feet of this program)
  • Small business grants: $2,695
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