Canadian Baptist Women of Ontario and Quebec


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  • Raise Funds for International Projects

Baptist Women launches a fundraising program that strengthens its partnership with Canadian Baptist Ministries.

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  • A poem for the new year (sort of)

As January 2017 turns to February, we’ve already witnessed tens of thousands of women marching around the world. Thirsty for an end to injustice. So here’s a prayer to keep us hydrated. Curated by Renee James.

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  • Who Are You Afraid Of?

“I was really moving down the road when I felt like God said, “Who are you more afraid of?” I wanted to scream out, “Tom!!” . . . but I chose not to. I chose God. So I deliberately slowed the car.” Diane McBeth on her first experience of receiving specific guidance from God.

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  • CBWOQ Supports Ntlo ya Setshabelo (House of Refuge)

My name is Aimee Hurtubise and I am a missionary with Ignite South Africa. And I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your support of our Maternity Home for orphaned or at risk pregnant teens, through your New Initiatives Grant.

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  • live feature: Bored? God Has Plans For You

f everything proceeds as planned, the House of Refuge in South Africa will open its doors for pregnant teenagers in the middle of 2016. The House of Refuge will help pregnant teens to become godly mothers. There is not support for pregnant teens in this community and the majority of them would choose abortion as […]

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  • Resources Booklet (Overview)

Fresh off the press! This new handy overview of all our resources is ready for you to download and print – it’s already in booklet form for you. And let us know which resources you’re using. And resources you wish you had.

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  • Beloved Women needs ESL teacher

If you’d like to serve Arabic women who are newcomers to Canada, this may be an opportunity for you.

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  • Blog – Bodies In My Head

“You write about women in our churches whose husbands and boyfriends are addicted to porn,” said Brown. “When will you write about women like me? Women in our churches who are addicted to porn?” Free content from live magazine’s award-winning series on women who struggle with pornography. By Renee James

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  • LOVE DAY cookies from Gilmour Baptist Church

The LOVE DAY team at Gilmour Memorial Baptist Church learned something on LOVE DAY: More than a few of the church’s neighbours believe in the Lord.

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  • From Midday Pause to Online Reflections

Come fall 2016, visit us to dive deep and linger long with online reflections. These reflections continue where Midday Pause left off. You’ll have an opportunity to hear scripture, be guided in prayer and linger in silence while watching stunning visuals, all in 10 – 20 minute chunks. So don’t run on empty this new […]

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  • Anatomy of a Day of Prayer | How Quebec Baptist women celebrated

“It was a privilege to pray with these women whom I did not really know, for other women far away, also whom we did not know.” By Ann-Margret Hovsepian.

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Love Day Training Event
  • Not Only A Cheque – The Benefits of Short-Term Missions

Why not just send a cheque? I give financially so that ministries both home and abroad can continue. But the giving of my resources alone does not develop relationships. Brenda Phinney from Atlantic Canada talks about why she does short-term missions.

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