experience cross-cultural ministry without flying anywhere

Dixon Ministry STM, Toronto, July 21 – 26

application deadline: May 10

What will you do?
We will partner with Dixon Ministry which has been working with New Canadians in Etobicoke for decades. This is a unique invitation to visit with people from other countries and faiths. For part of each day we will divide into groups of two or three and go to a newcomer’s home to tutor children and have English conversation with the parents.

Last year we spent part of the day teaching sewing to women and leading a program for their children. We won’t know what the need is this year until about June. However, living with uncertainty is a cornerstone skill in cross-cultural ministry.

What will you learn?
We will have four web conferences before the trip so the team can pray, get to know each other, and talk about practical details. We will also have lots of training on how to do cross cultural ministry.
The dates for these conferences are:
May 21, June 11, June 25, and July 9, all at 7 pm.

There will also be spiritual formation. Take this time away to seek God. There will be daily devotions and debriefs.

To prepare for the trip, we invite you to read
Extending the Invitation/Participating in God’s Gracious Call to Muslims by John A Forrester.
You may order it from READON Bookstore.

What support will you have?

CBWOQ staff Diane McBeth and Laura Matthews will lead the trip.
You can meet a staff member of Dixon ministry at our Baptist Women’s Spring Conference in May.
We will have kits filled with games and learning materials. (Women are donating items at the conference and one of the workshops is a time to assemble them.)

What will it take?
1 week – you will be in Toronto and staying with the team from July 21 to 26.
$1000 — includes food, lodging, and team expenses.

Apply below.

How To Apply

 Read what women say after taking part in an STM with CBWOQ.

If you have any questions, please contact Diane McBeth or Laura Matthews at 416-620-2954.