Canadian Baptist Women of Ontario and Quebec


Here’s what you need to know about why CBWOQ has taken a stand against human trafficking and pornography:

Human trafficking

•    There are 27 million people in slavery today, victims of human trafficking.
•    80% of those trafficked are women and  children.
•    Every minute, two children are trafficked for purpose of sexual exploitation.
•    Human trafficking is a $32 billion industry annually – greater than the profits of Nike, Google and Starbucks . . . combined.
•    Since 2013, we have stood up for the 92 per cent of prostituted women and children in North America who have said they would leave the industry  . . . if they could.


•    35 million users a day visit the world’s largest porn site found in Montreal
•    By 2017, a quarter of a billion people will access mobile adult content from their phones or tablets, an increase of more than 30% from 2013.
•    The average age for first exposure to Internet pornography is 12 years old and getting younger.
•    Studies show that habitual use of Internet pornography is as addictive as smoking.


things you and your group may do to continue the conversation and challenge the demand for paid sex and for online pornography.

1. Nefarious Merchant of Souls

Show this award-winning documentary on the global reach of human trafficking as your first step in learning about the issue and in raising awareness in your church and local community.
Call the office to put a copy on hold (CBWOQ has the license to show the movie to groups of 60 or more).

2. I’m Not For Sale Poster Campaign

For when your women’s group or other ministries at your church are ready to raise awareness right in locations where trafficked women and children are likely to be found. Each poster has Canada’s national hotline for (This could be a great LOVE DAY activity!)
•    Order FREE posters from our office (just phone, mail or e-mail)
•    Gather groups in your church (young adults, women’s ministries, men’s groups)
•    Organize a poster blitz
•    Go to hotels, restaurants, bars, pubs and truck stops
•    Stick up posters in women’s washrooms (please ask permission first)

3. Family Friendly WIFI campaign
We support Defend Dignity’s campaign to have Family Friendly WIFI in all Starbucks Canada locations. We joined with Defend Dignity to plan 2015’s Buying Sex Is Not A Sport campaign.

•    Go online and sign the petition urging Starbucks Canada to establish a porn-free, family friendly WIFI environment in all of its Canadian locations. (It has already done so in the United Kingdom.)

4. Motion M-47

This motion seeks to have the federal government consider pornography a public health issue and research and legislate the industry accordingly.

•    Read the actual motion: M-47.
•    Download the petition from the sidebar.
•    Read the sample letter you may download and revise before sending to your MP.
•    Sign the M-47 petition or phone our office to get copies mailed to you. Please mail your petition to your MP as soon as you can!