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Anchor Causes


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Anchor Causes give you a way to become intimately connected with missions.

We invite you to join together with other women in your church and prayerfully choose one of three anchor causes:

  • children + youth at risk
  • vulnerable women . . . OR
  • food and community development

When you’ve chosen a cause, contact us and let us know. E-mail or call us at 416-620-2954 (Laura Matthews).
We’ll provide your group with the resources you’ll need to dive deep and discover the difference you could make in your local community and abroad as you:

  • pray
  • research existing social services in your community that focus on the cause you’ve chosen
  • use technology to meet people working overseas in your cause
  • go on short-term missions focused around your cause
  • choose how you’ll be involved in your local community around your cause

Thank you for considering the Anchor Cause program!
Our executive director, Diane McBeth, shares about anchor causes on her blog. Read it here.

You may already have questions for us! We’ve tried to answer some of them below.

Frequently Asked Questions

I don’t belong to a mission circle or ladies’ missions group at my church. May I still join this program?
– Yes. Any woman may choose to join the program. We do suggest that you find two or three other women to join you.

Can my mission circle or ladies’ group pick a cause?
– Yes!

Do we have to do all the steps you outline?
– No. We ask you to prayerfully consider what you are able to take on. We want your group to enjoy praying for and learning about its anchor cause . . . and to keep at it. So please honour your God-given limits!

What if there’s another cause we’d like to tackle?
– Our anchor causes reflect our beginnings as a movement of women mobilized to advocate on behalf of vulnerable women and children. We want to remember those beginnings while remaining open to the new and relevant ways in which God wants to continue using us.

So please call executive director Diane McBeth (416-620-2953) or e-mail her at to talk more about what your group feels led to do.

How will we know if there are other Baptist churches in our community or Association who’ve also chosen our anchor cause?
– We know that affinity groups will emerge – groups from different churches in a community or Association who share the same cause. Plug into the many ways we’ll be giving you updates on anchor causes and the groups who’ve joined:

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  • Join our Facebook group page ( + type in Canadian Baptist Women of Ontario and Quebec in the search field)
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