Canadian Baptist Women of Ontario and Quebec

Baptist Women Sunday

For over 130 years, Canadian Baptist Women of Ontario and Quebec has given dignity to at-risk, vulnerable and exploited women and children overseas and in Canada.
That hasn’t changed.

Will you take a Sunday to celebrate and support the work of CBWOQ while advocating for the dignity of women everywhere?

Step 1

Choose any Sunday in the 2016/2017 church year.

Step 2

Fill in the registration form.

Step 3

Customize your celebration.
You may just want to hand out the resource booklet, show the Powerpoint slide show and pray for CBWOQ.
Or, you may want to take the entire service.

Step 4

After you’ve held your Baptist Women Sunday, let us know how it went. Send us an e-mail or a letter. Include photos if you’ve taken some.
We’d love to hear from you.


We’ve pulled together some resources to make your celebration easy to plan:
– a Powerpoint slide show (less than 2 minutes long, to show that Sunday)
– resource booklet + offering envelopes (for you to hand out that Sunday)
– speakers (call our office for names)


We’ve also created some promotion materials:
– bulletin inserts (full colour or greyscale)
– bulletin text (to use in your bulletin)
– PPT announcement slide (to use as part of your announcement roll on a Sunday morning)

Thank you for your faithful support of CBWOQ and its work.
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