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A poem for the new year (sort of)


24 2017


As January 2017 turns to February, we’ve already witnessed tens of thousands of women marching around the world.
Marching for equality, an end to misogyny and bigotry; thirsty for an end to the commodification of bodies and spirits; an end to injustice.
So here’s a prayer to keep us hydrated.

The path is a long one,
strewn with mistakes,
tentative steps, injustice,
and the cries, not only of anguish,
but also of love,
compassion, and exultation.

Lord, they were the people you had set free,
they had believed in you, the exodus God,
but now in the desert they were lost.

What lay ahead?
They were bewildered, uncertain.

We, Lord, who call ourselves your people,
share the wilderness and the road.
We set out in great hope,
sure of our God
and of the path ahead.

But now our dreams are shattered,
we are disappointed and perplexed,
too weary to be angry,
struggling to find reason
in a world of pain, competition, and hate.

God of the exodus,
when we lose sight of you,
and are on the point of turning back,
remind us that, although in this life
we will never arrive,
it is on the road that you meet us,
and to your future that you call us.

Remind us, too, that it is in the desert
that we have experienced your grace
and have grown stronger and gentler.

For, to those who persist and journey on,
there is the surprise of discovering
that the desert is fertile.

Extracts from the prayer The true wilderness
from Be Our Freedom Lord by Terry C Falla

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