“live” feature: The Years of Small Things

2015-03-16T00:41:29-05:00March 16th, 2015|Live Magazine|

Have you ever wondered if perhaps God had intended you for bigger things or that perhaps your chance at leaving a mark on this world has passed you by? Depending on how your life has played out, you may be experiencing some disappointment. By Rev. Suzanne Wilkinson.

Keep It Alive January/February 2015 Bible Study

2014-12-23T15:49:08-05:00December 23rd, 2014|Live Magazine|

This is the January/February 2015 Keep It Alive Bible study . . . a study that only runs in live magazine. We're offering it here to give you a chance to sample the content that runs in every issue of live magazine. And because there was so much great content in our January/February issue, we had to move this study online.

live feature article: Joy at “our” Jordan

2014-11-05T13:05:08-05:00February 27th, 2014|Live Magazine|

Precariously perched on the steep and slippery bank of the “Jordan” (our nickname for the river in Spitak, Armenia), I carefully helped one person out of the cold, swift current before the next one stepped in. A few of us who crowded the bushy and muddy slope stretched our hands out to guide 16 men and women in and out of the river during a baptismal service I will likely never forget.

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