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CBWOQ In-Canada mission trip
JULY 2018

a chance to get training and experience cross cultural ministry without flying anywhere

Join team leaders Diane McBeth and Laura Matthews from Sunday July 22 to Friday July 27 at Dixon Ministry in Toronto

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CBWOQ Women’s Conference
APRIL 2018!

Come Thirsty | Drink Deeply | because there’s more

Join Baptist women from Ontario and Quebec on Friday April 27 and Saturday April 28 at Mississauga Chinese Baptist Church, Mississauga.

2 amazing plenary speakers, 1 dynamic worship leader and 10 workshop leaders are poised to offer you more ways to pursue God and more ways to mission.
This a time apart for women who long for more of God and more of mission . . . because there is more!

full details here

Baptist Women Sunday 2018

Any time in 2018 (though most women pick a date in April)

Baptist Women Sunday is a time when women in our Canadian Baptist churches take all or part of a Sunday morning service to celebrate the work and mission of Baptist Women of Ontario and Quebec.

An offering for Baptist Women is also taken up at this service.

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Great Canadian Bible Study 2018

Any time in 2018 (though most women pick a date in January)

The Great Canadian Bible Study gathers women across Canada to experience a well-written and research Bible study and to donate to an international project supported by Canadian Baptist Women and Canadian Baptist Ministries (CBM).

In 2017, Baptist women across Canada raised over $22,000 through this study to support CBM women’s literacy projects in Rwanda.

Proceeds from 2018 will continue to support those literacy projects.

Download your study here

Room To Pray/LOVE DAY 2017

Thank you!

Visit our Facebook group to see all the photos and Facebook Live chats posted by women this fall!

Thank you for accepting our invitation to encounter God in prayer and to change your community and world through creative intercession.

We’ll be continuing our Room To Pray program in 2018! More resources, videos, links, guides . . .

Women’s Conference + AGM 2017 VIDEOS. View them here.