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Room To Pray – LOVE DAY 2017
Saturday November 4

World Day of Prayer 2017
Monday November 6

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Room To Pray  
It’s not too late to host a room to pray, whether for LOVE DAY or at a time that works for you and your church.
Check out the room to pray that we’ve built in our office space and drop by if you live in the GTA.
Register if you plan to host a prayer room for LOVE DAY.

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Join us as we raise funds for vulnerable women, youth and children at risk, relief and community development. NEW! Learn more about what we’ll fund in CBM’s Urban Ministries program in Kenya.

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Prayer – Living Without A Veil

By | August 14th, 2017|Categories: Executive Director Devotionals|

As we walk through the process of repentance (conviction and confession), a veil is taken away and the light shines. We see God better, understand him more, and that joyful encounter transforms us. We emerge, free from guilt and regret, praising God, walking in the light of his presence, and a little more like him. By Diane McBeth

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