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For over 141 years, donors like you have prayed, raised funds and generously given to CBWOQ.

Today, Baptist Women staff continue to work however our physical office is closed and we don’t yet know when it will re-open.

If you’ve been wondering how to continue to support us, please send in donations online. If you need help with this, do leave a message on our office answering machine – we clear those regularly.

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Now, more than ever, our partners need us to honour our commitments.

Commitments like those we’ve made to Soura Widows and Mising Tribe projects in India, victims of war rape in the Congo, and two single women – national field staff with CBM – serving in Asia and Germany.

We can truly be proud of what we have accomplished together. Since 1953, we have given over $60 million dollars to mission and development work abroad and here in Canada. And with your continued support, despite this current global crisis, that giving can continue. Thank you.

In the rare event that the program you have designated is fully funded, the board reserves the right to redirect your gift to a close alternative. 
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