When you raise funds for these strategic projects overseen by CBM, you are changing the lives of women and their families around the world.
In addition, we invite you to continue to pray for and support, the two female national field staff for whom we’ve raised funds  in previous years.

Giving youth at risk a future in Bolivia

This preventative program targets vulnerable children and youth who are at high risk of living on the streets and becoming involved in prostitution. The aim is to empower and strengthen these children and youth by helping them to discover their gifts. They are also privided with learning opportunities, nutritious meals and medical assistance.

Read our latest report and testimony on this project here.

Female theological students at the Baptist Theological Seminary in Cochabamba

Alongside CBM, we helped establish and continue to support the Muriel Harrington Scholarship Fund. – set up in memory of Muriel Harrington, one of our most loved Ontario-based Canadian Baptist missionaries who served in Bolivia for decades.

This Fund supports female theological students in their studies at the Baptist seminary in Cochabamba, Bolivia.
In 2023, 17 students, ages 20 – 65+ have received scholarships to start of continue their studies and we will continue to support them through 2024.