Anchor Causes

Do you want to help in your community but feel paralyzed by the number of needs? Perhaps you already serve but wish you could get training and connect with others doing similar ministries.

Introducing a new (free) network to support your effective integral mission both here and internationally . . .


Gather a few women together and pray. What do you feel called to?


Ask other churches and groups what they are doing. (Are you called to fill in a gap?)

You can survey your neighbourhood with two questions:

  • What are the three biggest needs in this community?
  • What do you think would help?

Choose an anchor cause

Consider the information you have gathered and listen carefully to how God is speaking to each member of the group.

Prayerfully discern the one sector to which God is calling you.

Then surrender the needs you can’t meet into His hands. Ask Him to meet those needs through another channel.

Get connected

Let us know what sector you have chosen ([email protected] or 416-620-2954).

We begin by offering support to the following three sectors:

  • children and youth at risk
  • vulnerable women
  • food and community development

For each of these three sectors we plan to:

  • present at least one training workshop each year
  • facilitate at least one online conference per year with an international program working in that sector
  • eventually offer sector-related short-term mission trips


Organize and start helping in the area you have chosen.

Ready to get started?

We’re pleased to offer you two amazing resources for free!

Download live magazine’s Anchor Cause issue – an entire issue devoted to anchor causes.

Learn how different ministries prayed, researched their communities, chose and adopted anchor causes.

Neighbourhood Assessment Tool (thank you to Atlantic Baptist Youth)