Hands-On Mission is a ministry priority for us and therefore part of our strategic giving program.
We believe in the priesthood of believers – that God has designed for all to take part in the work he desires to do in our world so this is our desire, also.
In addition to our continued support of the Friendship House in Brantford, Oasis Dufferin Community Centre in Toronto, and Matthew Houses in Ottawa, Windsor, Toronto, and Fort Erie, here are two new doors God has opened up for mission.

Refugee sponsorship

Last spring, a small group of Baptist women who became aware of the plight of two young Christian women. Because of their faith, they had suffered harassment, beatings, and death threats in their home country of Pakistan.

Ten years ago, they fled, seeking refuge in Thailand. Since then, the only constant in their lives is the daily fear of their already fragile circumstances crumbling. The other is their prayers for sponsorship – their only hope for a different life.

Our hearts were gripped by their story. We realized that we were well-positioned to answer their prayers. One woman in our group voiced what we were all thinking: “We must do something.”

We cautiously anticipate a 2026 arrival. Over the next two years we will seek to raise $20K ($40K in total, approximately). These funds will provide for their living expenses as they adjust to life in Canada in their first year here. Donations to this initiative should be clearly marked “refugee ministry.”

Toward Flourishing Indigenous/Non-Indigenous Friendships

In response to the TRC calls to action and the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, and with a sense of God’s calling on us, we are committed to prayerfully developing and maintaining godly relationships between Indigenous and non-Indigenous women, seeking to share together with minds and hearts that are focused on listening and learning about our past and present.

We anticipate learning opportunities through 2024 and a “hands-on” experience later in the year in which we will build into a foundation of healthy, respectful and flourishing relationships between Indigenous and non-Indigenous women. As we celebrate our similarities as God’s people and honour our differences, we look forward to the varieties of experiences and work that will be done in His Name.

Click image below for a live magazine interview with CBM partner Rev. Jodi Spargur on the TRC report and staying in the conversation with our Indigenous brothers and sisters.