Overseas projects we supported in 2021 – in partnership with CBM

From literacy programs in Rwanda, to female national field staff continents away in Europe and Asia, your donations to CBWOQ for these specific projects sustained lives, livelihoods and ministry . . . even through the uncertainty wrought by the pandemic.

As you read these stories, remember – every one of these stories reflects your influence in someone’s life – all precious to God.

Mising Tribe, Assam, India
In 2021, we continued with our commitment to fund 100 per cent of this project ($20,000)

“With an unstable income, much of this community lives below the poverty line, especially minority Christian groups who are often the least privileged. With an underdeveloped education system, the economic situation of many in the community remains poor; alongside high unemployment and dropout rates, the literacy rate for women in the community is at merely 48 per cent.” (CBM.org)

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Soura Widows project, Odisha, India
In 2021, we continued our commitment to fund 100 per cent of this project ($13,000)

“The status of the Soura population within India has had challenges with low literacy rates and facing discrimination as “untouchables.” Soura widows are often marginalized within their community and struggle to provide for their families. Business training, financial support and the generosity of Christians living out their faith in word and deed can help empower and dignify widows despite any barriers.” (CBM.org)

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Rwanda – Literacy program
In 2021, your support for CBWOQ will help us give $5,000 to this project.

In Africa, girls often cannot go to school for lack of fees or uniform, or because their family needs them for domestic work such as fetching water. They are resilient and grow up to be loving mothers who work extremely hard to support their families. However illiteracy means they are easily cheated because they cannot read documents they are asked to sign; their dignity is undermined repeatedly and even their Christian growth is stunted.

“This project teaches hundreds of women to read.The potential for literate women to take leadership roles in their churches and communities continues to grow as the program also teaches topics such as governance of savings and loans groups, and the development of successful self-help groups.” (CBM)

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150 years since Baptist women began raising funds – some donating their butter and eggs money – to support single female missionaries, the need to support female national field staff still remains. These staff often do not have a solid base of financial support.

Thailand: Supporting female national field staff
In 2021, we continued our commitment to support Lilian Yang in Thailand ($5,000)

Lilian Yang – Thailand
“Lilian’s role is to equip local pastors and laypersons through Christian education/theological training at Thailand Bethel Theological Institute. She assists local churches, organizations and seminaries in developing training minsitry in sharing the Gospel and expanding community outreach. She works with CBM’s SENT teams while they are in the field.” (CBM.org)

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Germany: Supporting female national field staff
In 2021, we continued our commitment to support pastor Xiaodan Gang in Germany ($2,000).

pastor Xiaodan Gang – Germany
Pastor Gang serves with CBM’s Chinese Ministries Team in Germany. She “partners with the local organization Forum fur Mission unter Chinesen in Deuthschland, introducing the gospel message to the many Chinese students studying in German universities.” Many of these students return to China upon graduation. (CBM.org)

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