Why give regularly to Baptist Women?
Because month by month, the impact of your gift, whatever the amount, multiples as dozens of girls, youth, vulnerable women and families at risk are helped through Baptist Women New Initiatives and Leadership grants. Grants we use to seed start-up ministries needing that boost to begin.

Project: Today We Walk Side by Side
Project focus: outreach to Six Nations women and the personal growth of project coordinator Rebekah Larente (an Uptick Baptist Women alumni)

“It’s very difficult for a half-Indigenous person walking onto the reserve. It is even harder as a young Christian woman. There has been no hesitation on her part –Rebekah is teachable, hardworking and displays great patience. She is learning and gaining confidence through our leadership. The Lord has given her a servant’s heart that has been readily received by the people. In some cases this will never happen, but praise God . . . He has prepared.

With Rebekah we organized a furniture drive for a family. In this particular event Rebekah showed remarkable leadership skills. She organized helpers from First Baptist Church in Welland and loaned us her family van. She was with us the every step of the way. After a month and a half of coordinating vehicles, dates, furniture and movers, the family at the reserve received their new belongings! They were so grateful! There are no pictures of this event out of respect for the family.

News has spread and families in need are feeling secure to come and discuss their needs. Some physical, more spiritual! Rebekah will continue to represent us as we speak in churches off the reserve about the ministry. Praise God for going ahead of us!, and for the confidence Rebekah is gaining as a young women learning about her Indigenous heritage. We look forward to going even deeper into the reserve with Rebekah as this is just one story among many where she has been involved to great effect.”

from the follow up report on this project

Project: Young Girls | Old Souls
Project focus: building relationships across generations through shared activities

“Today I want to say thank you for the generous giving from all of the amazing and generous women in our denomination! Your gifts provide many ministry opportunities –  Young Girls|Old Souls included. Thanks to your generosity we have been able to develop an effective, replicable, kingdom impacting ministry surrounding discipleship and inter-generational mentoring. Praise the Lord for all He is doing in Ontario / Quebec, our nation, and His kingdom . . . through the hands and feet of His people.”

Jess Hartwick, family ministries director, First Baptist Church, Welland

youth enjoying their youth workshop at our spring 2019 conference

“We had a mother/ daughter retreat last Saturday with 16 participants. It was held at the home of one of our members on Stoney Lake. The Lord met us and it was a wonderful day – we had some teaching time, worship, crafts and swimming – and good food.

The daughters on the retreat were between the ages of 8-12. We sent each ‘couple’ off to wash each others feet and they recited the Ephesians 3 prayer over each other. ..and then we all painted our toes. We also did Ignatius’ prayer of Examen.

Our launch in the fall will bring this group closer together as half the women are not regular church attenders It is very exciting.

The Friday mom group now has a name ‘Room at the Table’ – we start up October 4th.”

Carolyn Vanderheide, outreach worker
Lakefield Baptist Church