When you become a monthly donor to Baptist Women you give the gift of time – for staff to create amazing free spiritual formation resources like Soul Sisters and Soul Sisters 2 and for all of us to be transformed . . . as we share our spiritual lives with each other and do mission together.

I also want to mention that I used the hand-up and hands-down that you taught at the Women’s Conference. It was very well received. I actually had a girlfriend drop by yesterday (who was not on the retreat) and said “I need another ‘hands up/ hands down.'” She had received some news about her son and needed prayer. More and more I am finding people are not only seeking prayer but seeking the presence of God.

Carolyn Vanderheide, outreach worker at Lakefield Baptist Church

On Soul Sisters 2:

We ladies are running the SS2 program this Fall. An idea has come up to create or have created a Soul Sisters t-shirt or hoodie . . . By the way, program 2 is infused by the Holy Spirit just like program 1. We are aware of His Presence as we ‘follow’ the outline.

Karen Oprel, Stanley Park Baptist Church, Kitchener

On Soul Sisters 1:

We all agree that it was a wonderful experience and we have truly become soul sisters through the process.

Stephanie Skelding, Dutton

On Soul Sisters 1:

Although we are a close group, spiritually we have grown closer than before and feel more open in our answers.

Lesley Hobgood, Aylmer Baptist Church

On Soul Sisters 1:

We are planning on running another Soul Sisters group with other women when this group finishes the eight sessions, and also an evening group since the one we have now is daytime.

Pat Yuill, Fallingbrook Heights Baptist Church