We raise funds for specific international projects run by Canadian Baptist Ministries (CBM) that focus on three of our anchor causes:  vulnerable women, youth and children at risk, relief and community development. This fundraising is our primary way of supporting CBM.

2021 projects

You will help

  • anti-human trafficking project – Kolkata, India
  • Soura widows (Odisha, India)
  • the Mising tribe (Assam, India)
  • literacy program (Rwanda)
  • female missionaries (CBM national field staff in Germany and Thailand)

Read about each project here. Then follow the steps below.
We’ve even broken down some project costs to help you keep track of your fundraising and donations.


1. Pray. This is your most important step. “Every step in the progress of missions is directly traceable to prayer.” – A.T. Pierson

2. Choose a project.

3. Send your donations to Baptist Women, clearly indicating your chosen project. We will help CBM by tracking your gift before forwarding 100 per cent of your gift to them. Donate here or mail in a cheque: 5  International Blvd., Etobicoke, ON M9W 6H3

Do you want to pull a group together to raise funds? Then:

4. Contact Baptist Women  to tell us what you’ve chosen and how much you hope to raise toward the total target for that project.

5. Raise funds through the year. You could do so as part of your ongoing support of Baptist Women . . . during group meetings, at Association events and rallies, mission month or mission Sunday at your church.


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