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Talking To Our Kids About Racism
CBWOQ panel – Sep 2021

Book Club event
co-presented with CBOQ – June 2021

Book Club event
co-presented with CBOQ – Feb 2021

live magazine writers on writing their features, conversations they’re having now and what’s next – fall 2020

Danielle Strickland podcast on the kairos moment ushered in by  global support for Black Lives Matter
Click on image to listen (23 mins long)

“To be a racial minority involves the constant negotiation of bodies and speech—to notice the meaning of my skin in relation to yours, to discern the value of my tongue among the languages and accents echoing in a room. ‘Do I belong here,’ I always ask myself, ‘In this language, among these people?’
— Isaac S. Villegas from article White Skin