Revitalization is a ministry priority for us and therefore part of our strategic giving program. Our funding goal is $45.0K
. Our desire is to see a community of empowered, Spirit-filled women in every church – women who know themselves to be deeply loved by God and by each other, and whose love and irresistible witness overflows and brings transformation to the world around them.

Younger Women

We have seen alarming decline in our women’s groups and our churches over the last several decades. Many groups are also lacking any presence of younger generations. To address this, we made a bold and prayerful decision that with God’s help and blessing we would change this trajectory.

We want to (re)claim our young women. So, we will launch a new ministry in 2024 that is devoted to creating space for young women in their 20s and 30s where they can grow in their faith and connect with others for encouragement, support, and discipleship.

one of the ways we’ve invested in younger women over the years

Leadership & Discipleship

In 2023 we expanded our staff team to include Tracey Bagley as a part-time Director of Leadership & Discipleship. Tracey is an experienced ministry leader and a certified spiritual director. Through her programming we are already seeing women experience renewal. In 2024 we will continue to develop this role and expand our reach to connect to more women across the regions.

Visit our events and resources pages to browse through all the current opportunities to learn, grow in your relationship with God and others that Tracey has prepared.