Download 2022’s Study here.

The Great Canadian Bible Study

The Study

Every year, Baptist women across Canada meet in small groups to do a pre-set Bible study that focuses on women from the Bible. Participants bring a small offering to support a joint project that lasts for three years. Great things happen!

2022’s study is Titus’ Call to Women.  We hope you’ll gather some women together and try this study for yourself. Many groups choose a date in January but it’s not required.

The Project:

We will continue to support families and children in Bolivia with the funds we raise through Great Canadian Bible Study;  projects such as Eagle Wings. This project is overseen by Canadian Baptist Ministries.

Did You Know?

Since 2007, thousands of Baptist women across Canada who’ve participated in the Great Canadian Bible Study have raised tens of thousands of dollars to assist women and girls at risk in India and Africa. Your offerings have been used for literacy programs, school repairs, equipment purchases, school supplies, medical assistance, trauma counselling, workshops to reduce discrimination of victims and their children, and to support microcredit programs.

And now, your donations in 2022 will continue to support families and children in Bolivia. 

So, get the women in your church organized; book off one night and do the study. And remember to make your cheque out to Canadian Baptist Women of Ontario and Quebec, with GCBS written on the memo line.

“This study is a departure from our usual emphasis on a particular woman of the Bible and instead looks at the instructions given to Titus as he leads the church of Crete. The focus is on relationship – how women can mentor and encourage other women – how community makes our faith stronger when we share our stories reflecting God’s faithfulness.

It is a call to positive attitudes and behaviors that best reflect the image of Christ in our lives. Yes, older women are to mentor younger women but more than that, we need to share in spiritual friendship.

During the past season of masks, distancing, limited church gatherings and other restrictions, we may have been tempted toward a more reclusive lifestyle than our normal patterns. I trust that God can use this study to once again pull us toward one another in deepening friendship and spiritual care.”

Rev. Faye Reynolds, author, Great Canadian Bible Study, Canadian Baptist Women