Baptist Women Sunday

For over 131 years, Baptist Women of Ontario and Quebec has served at-risk, vulnerable and exploited women and children overseas and in Canada. That hasn’t changed.

Please take a Sunday to celebrate and support the work of Baptist Women
. . . because there’s more need, more community for you to experience, more of God to be had, more opportunities for you to make a difference.

Simple steps to hold a Baptist Women’s Sunday

Step 1

Choose any Sunday in the 2018 church year.

Step 2

Fill in the registration form.

Step 3

Customize your celebration.
You may just want to show the Powerpoint slide show and pray for Baptist Women.
Or, you may want to take the entire service.

Step 4

After you’ve held your Baptist Women Sunday, let us know how it went. Send us an e-mail or a letter. Include photos if you’ve taken some.
We’d love to hear from you.