The Baptist Women Prayer Network
women equipped to cover their communities in prayer

fall 2020
Feeling prompted to gather women at your church to pray? Not sure where to start?
Join us online in fall to learn ways to make praying for others, with others, easier and more fulfilling.
Date: To be announced.


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An invitation

God is so interested in working with us and through us that He often waits for us. This means prayer makes a huge difference. In prayer we sow seeds that can yield one-hundred-fold for the Kingdom and for those around us.

We invite you to create a prayer team and join our Baptist Women Prayer Network.

To learn more, download the guide and read the articles we’ve shared.

Diane McBeth shares the vision

Praying for others is the bridge between your encounters with God and mission.

Diane McBeth shares the vision behind Baptist Women’s Prayer Network and affirms the power of your prayers.

Download that article here.

Ready for more?

You and your prayer team are ready to pray behind the scenes at an event.

live magazine interviewed a seasoned prayer team member for her insights and tips.

Download that article here.

Stay resourced.

If you’ve set up a prayer team we’d love to offer you training and support while networking you with other groups.
Please send us contact information for your group at