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calling + community

Devotions For The Artist at Heart

author: Rev. Tina Rae

With care, the author shares candid stories of how God calls, shapes and loves her….and you. You’ll be equally drawn in by her equally considered invitations to draw, colour, paint and experiment with mixed media.

video recorded in August 2021 – you may want to do the art exercise at the end!

$17 (regular paper)
$23 (drawing/thick paper)
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$20 (@ READOn Bookstore)

Crucial Conversations: Tools for Talking When Stakes Are High

author: Patterson, Grenny, McMillan and Switzler

Now, more than ever, we need to know how to make it safe to talk about almost anything; transform anger and hurt feelings into powerful dialogue and listen well – to others and to ourselves.

Touchstones To Remember When Having Crucial Conversations
a useful one-page resource


Why Would Anyone Go To Church?

author: Kevin Makins

With equal doses humour and humility, the founding pastor of Eucharist Church in downtown Hamilton opens your eyes to the assumptions you make about how God works, and why church really does matter.

This was a meet-the-author-chat hosted by executive director Diane McBeth.
recorded May 6

$15 @ READOn Bookstore

racial justice

How To Be An Antiracist

author: Ibram X. Kendi

Transformative in its approach to the topic of racism. Kendi moves you to consider all forms of racism clearly, including your own, and invites you to do justly moving forward.

$26 (@ READOn Bookstore)

I’m Still Here | Black Dignity in a World Made for Whiteness

author: Austin Channing Brown

How does skin colour impact ministry? This is a rich and candid exploration of race in the context of church and non-profit ministry. A compelling read that may take your breath away.

video recorded in February 2021.

$14 (@ READOn Bookstore)