Giving the Gift of Presence and Prayer

We all know one woman in our church community who would love to know that someone prayed for her with intention and focus; someone who cared. Perhaps you were once that woman.

Today, you may want to reach out to another woman to let them know that you pray for her with intention and focus. Perhaps it’s a younger woman just about to graduate; perhaps a single mother who’s just begun coming out on Sunday mornings; perhaps a Bible study colleague you don’t know all that well . . . yet.

If you’re ready to reach out and need a simple, low-pressure way to do so, our prayer Bible program may help you.

These Bibles are available for you from READOn Bookstore, pre-labelled with a simple greeting that lets the recipient know you’re praying for her.

Please contact READOn Bookstore to order your Bible(s) at 416-620-2934 or [email protected]