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Making room to pray . . . and fast

As part of its biannual theme of Come Thirsty | Drink Deeply Baptist Women focused on prayer and different approaches to prayer in 2017. Baptist Women believes that mission flows out of an authentic transformative experience of God and that experience is rooted in prayer.

As part of Room To Pray, we had several Baptist women and groups build prayer rooms in their churches for LOVE DAY. Baptist Women also hosted prayer rooms at several CBOQ events and at NABWU’s New Dreams Assembly.

Room To Pray 2018

We launched our Room To Pray program for 2018 by inviting you to pray and fast every Sunday in April.
In September 2018, we invite you to host a back-to-school interactive prayer space at your church.
The week before Thanksgiving, join us in a fast from criticism.

back-to-school prayer room
photo gallery of prayer rooms
a thanksgiving fast from criticism
call to pray and fast in April