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Making room to pray

As part of our Come Thirsty. Drink Deeply. theme for 2017 and 2018 we invite you to take part in a special focus on prayer.

Interactive prayer rooms

Celebrate meaningful seasons or events throughout the year by hosting an interactive prayer room – a space that would surround our concerns for our communities with creativity and intercession.

In 2017, several Canadian Baptist churches created and hosted prayer rooms for LOVE DAY and World Day of Prayer.
Women created prayer rooms as part of their fall association events.
CBWOQ hosted 6 prayer rooms atCBOQ events, NABWU’s New Dreams conference, our own Baptist Women’s conference and LOVE DAY-World Day of Prayer.
At NABWU’s New Dreams conference, 100s of women from across North America took our 8-page Room To Pray Guide.

For 2018, we invite you to more . . . more prayer, more frequently
Host a prayer room for Lent/Easter or as part of your back-to-school activities or for Advent/Christmas. Or do all three!
Consider how to invite your church community to sign up to pray in the prayer room in shifts.
Learn more about different ways to pray . . . then practice those ways as part of your personal devotion or in your women’s groups, or during a church service.


Review the links we’ve posted below. Look for more articles and pull-out prayer room guides in live magazine and in E-LINK (our monthly newsletter).
Follow us on Pinterest (Baptist Women) as we source and pin prayer station ideas. We’d love you to pin photos of your prayer stations on our boards.

Join us in making room for God to change us all.

Thoughts and Teachings On Prayer

Praying the Bible
(5 ways the Bible will shape and empower your prayer life. #4 and #5 may change you forever.)

From Anguish to Worship
(pray with honesty . . . by Diane McBeth)

A Heart Set On Pilgrimage
(thoughts on new approaches to prayer by Diane McBeth + an invitation to join us in our Room To Pray focus)

Beyond Task-Oriented Prayer
(thoughts on new approaches to prayer by Diane McBeth)

How To Set Up Your Prayer Room

Your Guide to Setting Up a LOVE DAY Prayer Room
(8 pages that offer step-by-step details on how to start and what to do when setting up a LOVE DAY prayer room. includes prayer station ideas and photos)

5 Things To Do When Setting Up A Prayer Room (best practices + general guidelines)
(a bird’s eye view of the basics with Hannah Agalawatte, prayer leader with the Greater Ontario House of Prayer)

 Questions You May Have About Prayer Rooms
(great questions | even better answers from the 24-7 Prayer leaders)

How To Pray With Creativity
(several simple ways to pray for others. hint: you won’t need to be a visual artist, crafter or interior designer)

78 Best Prayer Room ideas – Pinterest
(ideas for rooms and stations that you’ll want to make your own)

Watch this video on the prayer room set up by Baptist Women for Worship For the World Symposium

 Inviting People To Pray
(insights on how to motivate women in your ministry groups, and even your church community at large, to be part of Room To Pray)

Prayer Station Ideas

Bitterness and Sweetness (think lemon and honey)

Prayer Net (tie your prayers to a net)

Puzzle (God holds all the pieces!)

LOVE DAY Declarations (Reach in and grab hold of God’s promises)

Global Friendships (Stop. Look. Braid.)