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Making room to pray

As part of our Come Thirsty. Drink Deeply. theme for 2017 and 2018 we invite you to take part in a special focus on prayer.

Interactive prayer rooms

Celebrate LOVE DAY 2017  and World Day of Prayer by hosting an interactive prayer room.

Over the first weekend in November (Friday November 3 – Monday November 6), we invite you to host interactive prayer spaces across Ontario and Quebec. This is an opportunity to surround our concern for our community and the world with prayer, in spaces that combine intercession with opportunities for reflection and creativity.
As you dive into the resources we create, let us know if you’re interested in setting up a prayer room in November. Fill in the registration form (coming soon).


Look for a steady stream of ideas, links, articles, tips and more in live magazine, E-LINK (our monthly newsletter), blogs on this website, Instagram posts and tweets. We’ll also be launching a Pinterest account with boards for prayer rooms. If you’re inspired, do pin photos of your prayer stations and rooms on those boards.

Here’s a blog on prayer by Diane McBeth to get our thinking started.

Join us in making room for God to change us all.

Starting A Prayer Room

5 things to do when starting a prayer room