Soul Sisters 1 invites you to share your spiritual life with other women through an 8-session series of gentle questions to spark conversation and connection.

Overview of Questions
(great to do in pairs, whether your friendships are new or well-seasoned)

Leaders Guide (detailed instructions for each  set of questions |works well with a small group)

Soul Sisters 2 gives you 12 sessions that help you to hear God’s voice then graciously share what you hear with each other. Also includes some intercessory prayer activities.

Leaders Guide (detailed instructions for each  set of questions)

companion resources for soul sisters 2

lesson 1: palms down |palms up blog
lesson 1 silence: podcast – ruth haley barton | season 5


On Soul Sisters 1:

We are planning on running another Soul Sisters group with other women when this group finishes the eight sessions, and also an evening group since the one we have now is daytime.

Pat Yuill, Fallingbrook Heights Baptist Church

On Soul Sisters 1:

Although we are a close group, spiritually we have grown closer than before and feel more open in our answers.

Lesley Hobgood, Aylmer Baptist Church

On Soul Sisters 1:

We all agree that it was a wonderful experience and we have truly become soul sisters through the process.

Stephanie Skelding, Dutton