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Soul Sisters 1

8 sessions designed to help you share your spiritual life with other women through a series of gentle questions that spark conversation and connection.

Soul Sisters 2

8 sessions that help you to hear God’s voice then graciously share what you hear with each other.

Also introduces peer spiritual direction.

Soul Sisters 3

8 sessions to help you take those gentle steps toward doing mission while continuing to be transformed in the company of your soul sisters.

Includes spiritual formation exercises and missional training.

(detailed instructions for each session)

(detailed instructions for each session)

(detailed instructions for each session)


“Attending Soul Sisters Online has provided calm in my week through quiet times of listening to others and seeking God. I enjoyed sharing in the small group and learning from the experiences of others.”

“Soul Sisters can develop a level of intimacy between participants with freedom to be vulnerable and go deeper with God. It encourages silence and reflection, really listening to one another, listening together for God–without embarrassment, or hurrying–even within a one-hour (60 minutes!) time frame.”

“I want to take this opportunity to share how very much I enjoyed Soul Sisters 1 Online! I found it to be a unique experience, unlike anything else I have participated in during my Christian experience. To connect spiritually with other sisters and to learn to truly listen to each other’s experiences has been both refreshing and uplifting.”

“We are planning on running another Soul Sisters group with other women when this group finishes the eight sessions, and also an evening group since the one we have now is daytime.”

Pat Yuill, Fallingbrook Heights Baptist Church

“Although we are a close group, spiritually we have grown closer than before and feel more open in our answers.”

Lesley Hobgood, Aylmer Baptist Church

“We all agree that it was a wonderful experience and we have truly become soul sisters through the process.”

Stephanie Skelding, Dutton