Does your battery need a boost . . . your car’s or your own? During this cold snap I have been reflecting on that question as we spent a morning trying to get a friend’s car going after it had remained parked outside for a few days in the freezing cold.

So what did I learn? First, read your car manual! There is danger if you do it wrong! Car batteries have a postive and a negative terminal and if you go to boost someone’s car you need to know which is which! When attaching the battery cables use the red clamp for positive and black for negative. Second, start with the positive terminal – red to red. Finally, with the negative terminal, more often you keep it grounded to a metal part of the car rather than on the battery itself.

Our batteries get worn down too, sometimes spent and sometimes needing an upgrade. True for both cars and bodies I believe. As I prepare for 2014, my battery may need a check up. Do I need to have some fresh “positives” in my life? Do I need to release the “negatives” of the past in order to move forward? Often it is because of the negatives in our lives that we keep grounded!

So during these winter months…bundle up warmly; be cautious if you have to give or receive a boost with your car and keep your “battery” in tune with Him!