The journey to the 2015 Pan Am Games begins with a single step: Prayer.

Buying Sex Is Not A Sport launches its grassroots efforts to challenge the demand for paid sex during the Games with the publication of its online 12-month prayer guide: 7:15.

7:15 – because the Games take place in July 2015.
7:15 – because it’s a great time prompt to stop and pray, whether it’s 7:15 a.m. or p.m.

CBWOQ invites you to use the prayer guide to . . .

  • pray each week (each week has one short prayer)
  • start a Bible study using the Scripture and topic chosen for each month
  • as the foundation of a prayer vigil you hold
  • to form a prayer group around the issue that prays every week

You’ll find the prayer guide at

CBWOQ is part of the four-member planning team that formed Buying Sex Is Not A Sport. To learn more, visit the website.