“You will never guess who was just on that conference call!” my husband chuckled as he left his home office the other morning. “Believe it or not, as we were all announcing our arrival, a voice said ‘Jesus here’.” He went on to explain that he was expecting to hear the name pronounced Hey-Zeus, as it often is in a Spanish-language heritage country, and was surprised to hear that Jesus, pronounced like Jesus, the Son of God, had joined the call.

Somehow the idea of Jesus showing up on a conference call invaded my day. As I gathered with friends, I imagined Jesus joining us saying “Jesus here” as we prepared to head onto the subway system. As we worked in the kitchen, chopping vegetables, I imagined a male voice saying “Jesus here” when someone was needed to wash the vegetables. As we served the men their meals, greeting them as we could, I could hear “Jesus here” along with the quiet thank yous.

Later, as I sat in a coffee shop waiting for another friend, I thought I heard from behind: “Jesus here” as he wanted to join our time. As I sat to write some e-mails, I heard “Jesus here” as I started to type, and I asked him to guide my words.

At the end of my day, I heard a soft “Jesus here” as I drifted off to sleep, overwhelmed with His presence through my day. I know in my head that Jesus is always with me, yet imagining Him joining in, like on a conference call, quietly announcing “Jesus here,” changed my day.

I  know Jesus promised to be with us (For where two or three are gathered in my name, I am there among them – Matthew 18:20). I just need to be ready to hear Him, and invite Him in. Listen carefully, He is there, joining in and announcing in many ways: “Jesus here.”

By Linda Wolfe, Glen Acres Baptist Church, Waterloo