“Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever.” Hebrews 13:8 (NIV)

Change can be scary for most of us. We rely on our routines and schedules to accomplish times of fun, learning and work in the midst of caring for our children. We hope for a lot from our days. And then we also have to remember to eat healthy and to get enough sleep!

When life brings change for us or our families, schedules and routines often take a back seat to simply surviving the transition time. Eventually life returns to normal, even if it is different somehow.

Seasons come and go. Kids experience new classes, new teachers, new interests and new friends. Adults change jobs, careers, return to school, move, or add more babies to the household! Change is simply a part of life!

I’ve always found comfort in knowing that my best friend, Jesus, never changes. He is a constant in my life, a Rock, a firm place to stand as the storms of life rage around me. Sometimes the storms bring excitement and fun, sometimes sadness and loss. I know that Jesus’ love for me never changes. He died for me and there is no greater love than that!

I hope my sons know that my love for them never changes, I hope I am consistent enough to show them my love in the way I talk to them, the affection I give them, and the time I spend with them. I hope I can be a firm place to stand in the good and bad storms in their lives, just as I know my Rock will stand firm through any change that life will bring for me.