Colour makes my heart sing.

Seeing splashes of turquoise mixed with purple and fuchsia in flowers, sunsets and fabric does something to me. It makes me glad I am alive and able to respond to the brilliance that God has created. It is just mesmerizing! While contemplating this thought my mind moves to the multitude of blessings God puts in my path daily if only I stop and think on them.

Busyness, distraction, maybe that’s the problem. What a pity! The sound of gently lapping water, nature’s green that soothes the eyes, hot tea and cold water, sunglasses, words’ artistry, ladybugs are but a moment’s list. In the book One Thousand Gifts by Ann Voskamp the reader meets one who sees gift after gift and thanks God. She notices. Look right where you are right now and you’ll see a gift.

Will you with me stop, think and thank God for the ordinary yet extraordinary gifts that are ours to receive each and every day . . .  if only we would pay attention? And for that moment will you praise and worship our God?

Missing God in the small places of life is to miss the joy that will make your heart sing!

All things bright and beautiful
All things great and small
All things wise and wonderful
The Lord God made them all.
(Cecil F. Alexander, pub.1848)

By Cheryl Hughes, Lorne Park Baptist Church