eXpendable comes to Ontario!

This June, CBWOQ brings eXpendable to the GTA, Hamilton and Welland as part of its ongoing efforts to raise awareness around human | sex trafficking in Canada and the potential rise in the demand for paid sex during large sporting events like the July 2015 Pan Am Games.

With the Super Bowl as its back drop, eXpendable follows one idealist as she tries to rescue women trapped in the club scene and the sexual exploitation that undergirds it.

This is mature subject matter. Viewer discretion is advised and we do not recommend this show for children 13 and under.

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Tour dates
June 26 – Hamilton – Redeemer University College Auditorium | 7 p.m. show
June 27 – Toronto – The Walmer Centre Theatre  | 2 p.m. + 7:30 p.m. shows
June 28 – Welland  – Rose City Kids Theatre | 7 p.m. show

Tickets3 ways to buy tickets!

  1. Reserve (register with Rev. Joanna Doak via e-mail – [email protected] and pay at the door)
  2. Buy at our Baptist Women booth during CBOQ Assembly June 11 – 13
  3. Go online to eventbrite.ca:

Toronto – www.expendablemusical.eventbrite.ca

Hamilton – www.expendablemusicalhamilton.eventbrite.ca

Welland – www.expendablemusicalwelland.eventbrite.ca)

Please download posters and paste them where they’ll be seen. Share this page with your friends. And thank you for your help in promoting this production to your church communities, families and friends. We are making history.

About eXpendable

eXpendable was written, produced and directed by Rev. Joanna Doak, youth and creative outreach coordinator with Atlantic Baptist Women, an ordained pastor with the Convention of Atlantic Baptist Churches and founder of Chameleon Jo Productions, a performing arts company that cultivates confidence, character and community using creative arts.

Learn more about eXpendable, Rev. Joanna Doak and Chameleon Jo Productions here.