Prayer Bibles – available now

We all know one woman in our church community who would love to know that someone prayed for her with intention and focus; someone who cared. Perhaps you were once that woman.

Today, you may want to reach out to a younger or new woman at your church to let her know that you will pray for her with intention and focus.

But how?

Our prayer Bible program gives you a simple, no-pressure way.

Just pick up Bibles ($5 for two)  from READON Bookstore or at one of Diane’s fall speaking engagements.  You reach READON at 416-620-2934 or [email protected].

Fill in the label at the front of the Bible and give it to the woman for whom you will pray.

Tell her that you’ll be praying for her and ask her if she’s got any specific requests.

Then pray regularly!

At some point, you’ll want to follow up with her to get new prayer requests and to see how she’s doing.