We realize that many women’s groups are holding funds, “in case we need them for our events” . . . except there are few events this year . . . and this is a time of intense need for the poor and vulnerable around the world.

I think God is calling us to radical generosity instead.

Why? Because God loves it when—by faith— we walk in the opposite spirit to what is natural. Right now it is natural to be a little fearful; to withdraw inward; to lose focus on others.

It was a time just like that when Paul called the Corinthians to a joyful generosity (2 Corinthians chapters 8 and 9); a time:

. . . to open our eyes to others

. . . to open our hands in compassion . . .

. . . to overcome our own circumstances through radical generosity.

Plus, this is a time when every gift has a significant impact. Remember that when it is dark, even a small candle makes a big difference.

So I encourage you—discover the surprising freedom of giving generously in the midst of troubled times. People need us.