The innovative and inspired thinking which live magazine provides is something which is fundamental to my life. This magazine has had a huge impact on my life in recent years. I can’t put a finger on which issue, theme or article has propelled me forward, however I know that each magazine represents, for me, a deepening of my love for God and the world around me. I have made myself aware of many Christian writers via books and social media, and live continues to be one of my top ‘go to’ publications.

When my 30-something female family members and friends come to stay overnight, I have sent them to bed with a few copies, and they come down in the morning with the copy in hand, proclaiming, “Hilary, this is amazing.” And I have to agree. They are touched deeply by the personal writing, whether on topics like being a single in the church in Canada, or being a member of a visible minority in the church in our nation. Renee’s writings in particular have touched the women I know. Young women I know are amazed and drawn to the deep and thoughtful approach which live takes.

live magazine, for me, is a valuable resource of the highest quality. And my husband, Chris, a retired CBOQ pastor, agrees. I keep our issues and lend or give them to others. I give gift subscriptions to others. The $20 annual fee is nothing compared to the rich resource which live is.

It sometimes confounds me that women in our CBOQ family do not know about it. I have become part of a team which is working in our Niagara Region to get the word out. I firmly believe that if women (and men), knew about live magazine, they would value it as I do. I do believe that live is leading me to God and to Him working through me in the world.

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