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live magazine is an award-winning publication issued bi-monthly by Canadian Baptist Women of Ontario and Quebec. It’s available in one of three ways:

  • Online edition
  • Print edition
  • Audio edition

Subscribers to the online edition of live also receive the print edition. If you would like an audio copy of the magazine, please contact the editor at or 416-651-8967.


Sample Articles

Behind The Cover: live magazine May/June 2017

When artist Julie Hunt looks at her landscape paintings of Rwanda she remembers the sun shining on the water, the warm breeze, the people who cared for her. She also remembers the transforming power of CBM's literacy project, run in partnership with the AEBR.

live feature: SILENCE

Is there any place for silence and solitude in our lives as followers of Christ? Or do we simply not have time. By Jenya Bakai.

live feature: Bored? God Has Plans For You

In spring 2016, CBWOQ supported the set-up of Ntlo ya Setshabelo (House of Refuge) through a New Initiatives grant. Read Aimee's thank you letter to CBWOQ here. You'll get a sense of how important Ntlo [...]

“live” feature: Afflictions, Affiliates and Jesus

When you hope, be joyful. When you suffer, be patient. When you pray, be faithful. (Romans 12:12) There’s much to be said for trials. That they get us experiencing more of God, His grace and His strength tops the list. But . . . By Paul Carline.

“live” feature: Empty Drums

Former Canadian Baptist missionary Paige Byrne-Mamahit talks about living in the light. "What I understand today is that living in the light means wanting to and learning how to read the secret character of hunger; choosing to bargain up, not down with a rattan mat vendor who hasn’t eaten in who knows how long."