Scripture: Psalm 102

The writer of this psalm is desperate. His health is in ruins. He feels the passing of days. He doesn’t want to die even though he considers his life a worn-down ruin and likens it to the ruins of Zion. He’s getting old. Perhaps that’s why I resonate with honesty of this prayer. For two decades, I’ve offered up desperate prayers for my handicapped brothers, addicted sister, alcoholic father and toxic bosses. I’ve waited years for God’s answers. I still am.

Like the writer I wait because I never want to leave the place where I want God more than anything else. Unanswered prayers keep me there. I want the presence of God to be my promised land. Healed family members and resolved work situations come second: “Our LORD, the nations will honor you, and all kings on earth will praise your glory.” (verse 15)

“You will rebuild the city of Zion. Your glory will be seen, and the prayers of the homeless will be answered,” the writer says in verses 16-17. In Revelation, John overwhelms us with the end of our story: a new heaven and a new earth where tears, disease, sorrow and death are no more.

God’s silence is not the final word. Joy in the presence of Jesus forever is. Most days, that fact keeps me praying. On other days, I remember that God knows my feeble frame. On those days I sit silent.

Almighty God, you repair broken walls. How we need you to give us the wisdom to wait so that you can reveal to us how our very prayers are the repair work for which we long. In Jesus’ name. Amen.


By Renee James