welcome the 12 – 18 year olds coming to Baptist Women’s Conference, some for the very first time!

handwrite a letter, add a dash of encouragement and mail it to our office by Friday April 19

These young women have signed up for the youth track being led by youth pastor Jessica Hartwick from First Baptist Church, Welland. Each young woman will receive a letter in her welcome kit that she’ll open after the plenary session on Friday night.

here are some suggestions and instructions for you

write with us!

  • Choose your favourite paper, pen and envelope.
  • Sit down with God and listen for His voice. What words may He want you to write?
  • Mail in your envelope by Friday April 19 to our office:
    5 International Blvd, Etobicoke, ON M9H 6H3
  • welcome her to the conference and to the weekend

  • encourage her with a sentence or two

  • If you’d like to,  you may share your favourite scripture verse

  • maybe share a story about a friendship that’s encouraged you in your faith over the years

  • Put your letter in an envelope and address it using a name God would use to describe His children (e.g. beloved, beautiful, precious, chosen, loved, lovely…)

  • Put that envelope in a larger envelope addressed to CBWOQ and mail it in!

This is a great activity to do at your next monthly gathering in April, with a friend, or on your own. Even if you can’t make it to the conference this year, you’ll be present in spirit. Join us in spreading Jesus’ love to the next generation!

Have you registered for the conference? There’s still room in her workshop Young Girls | Old Souls where you’ll experience this model of cross-generational ministry developed by Jessica.