Summer is such a wonderful time to reflect on the majesty of God.

His character and nature are reflected everywhere, but for me, nowhere as clearly as when amongst the splendour of trees, lakes and sky of Ontario’s near north.

The beauty of striated cliffs, boulders and rocks speaks of God’s strength and might and the provision of an immovable foundation readily available to those who put their trust in Him.

Feeling the coming and going of the gentle breeze that whispers through the pines, hemlocks and spruce is a reminder of God’s quiet voice, the voice that speaks as one is quiet in His presence. It is a refreshing whisper that is welcome, that is unexpected.

The fresh green decorates tree limbs, bushes and plants replacing the dead brown of winter. God’s mercies are new every morning, mercies that are a salve to the failures, disappointments and burdens of yesterday. How fresh the new day; how fresh the new greenery.

Waters that roar without ceasing and streams that trickle gentle and soothing sustain and shape the world through which they pass. Blue, tea-coloured, green waters house creatures in and along their boundaries.

Life-giving water flows from the heart of our God through Jesus Christ in an unending supply, sustaining and growing lives committed to Him.

Birds, sassy and soothing, calling from trees and bushes, echo in the stillness. The calls of loons, ducks and frogs on the wind are life within the stillness, housed and nurtured by its bounty.

God is the mighty provider, never denying His presence and sustaining power to those who live within His arms of love. Oh the wonder of our God, majestic and marvellous are all His ways.

“Let everything that has breathe praise His name. Praise the Lord.” Psalm 150:6

By Cheryl Hughes, Lorne Park Baptist Church