(Inspired by the musical eXpendable)


So long ago, my early teens,
With hopes and dreams but no means.
My soul is now empty, all dreams faded;
I’ve become lost and fully jaded.

No more tears for what could have been;
My soul is owned and I’m lost in sin.
I’ve raged at God until all strength is sapped.
No one to trust and I’m feeling TRAPPED!

No one to rely on, I’ve had to be strong.
No one to see that I’ve been done wrong.
So I keep my emotions reined in tight;
My shame is not seen and I see no light.

But can there be worth deep inside of me?
Or is this all that I’m ever destined to be?
The strings around my heart are tightly wrapped,
Being controlled by another, I’m TRAPPED!

Many think this is the life I’ve chosen,
Earning my living by men by the dozen.
Human trafficking is not in their world view;
They judge and think we’re getting our just due.

But there is One who created us all out of love.
God spoke quietly to my heart from His throne above.
At my very lowest, around me I felt His arms wrapped,
Saying “Search me and try me and no longer feel TRAPPED!”

Vickie Coutlee
June 29, 2015