At our Women’s Conference this past spring, Helena Bergen, our executive director, shared about the discernment journey that the CBWOQ Board has been on. It has been an incredibly fruitful exercise, helping the Board, Helena and staff to truly hone in on some key areas and plan for how to bring revitalization to our organization as well as to the Baptist women we connect with across Ontario and in Quebec.

In order to move ahead and engage our ministry priorities in new ways, we realized that there are some things that need to be laid down, namely, our long-standing ministry of live magazine. The decision has been made to publish our final issue in March/April of 2024.  

I know that live magazine, and its predecessor, The Link & Visitor, were companions on your journey and that of other subscribers in your church and group. Subscribers have emailed me sharing how their mothers, grandmothers and their mothers read the magazine faithfully. Both magazines were points of contact. Their stories inspired, challenged and indeed, changed lives. Do know then that we plan to stay connected with all subscribers in several ways over the next few months and on an ongoing basis. Here are some of those ways.

Coffee or Tea with “live” (March or April 2024)
Past editor Esther Barnes and I will host a cosy online Zoom gathering to celebrate the magazine with you – the promoters and subscribers who made this ministry possible. All are invited to this gathering. Dates and details will be published in the January-February issue of live magazine. Please let your subscribers know.

Baptist Women’s Conference – May 2024
We will honour this ministry at our Women’s Conference. You’ll find details about dates and venue for the Conference in the November-December issue of live magazine. Mark the dates and plan to join us.

Ongoing vignettes in our Facebook group and in our Instagram community
(until May 2024)
We plan to highlight all that this magazine has meant to us through a series of social media posts in the new year – including a poll on the favourite live / Link & Visitor cover of all time. If you haven’t yet, please invite your subscribers to join our Facebook group.

Our E-LINK newsletter (ongoing)
We will add you and our subscribers to our monthly newsletter list. This newsletter is full of information – updates, news, links to material on our website. You and your subscribers will have the option of receiving E-LINK via email or Canada Post. You may sign up right after you’ve read this post by going to our home page and scrolling down to subscribe. Just follow the prompts.

Blog (ongoing)
We will publish articles on our blog. You’ll be able to access the same great content we’ve featured in the magazine, only now online.

This shift in how we communicate and connect with you is a positive step for our ministry and part of a trajectory that we are on for retooling. I am excited for what the future holds for Baptist Women. Having said that, I’m sure you may have some questions around this decision so please do not hesitate to email or call me. I always look forward to hearing from you.


Renee James | director of communications and editor, live magazine
[email protected] | [email protected]