CBWOQ is pleased to announce the appointment of Rev. Andrea Cambridge to the role of associate – heritage connections.

Andrea has been an ordained pastor with Canadian Baptists of Ontario and Quebec (CBOQ) since 2006; as the solo pastor of a small church in Muskoka, as the associate pastor of adult ministries in a larger suburban church in Mississauga, and, after retiring in 2015, as interim pastor in a local Toronto church. Her heart has always been drawn to members of church congregations who have been marginalized by age, infirmity or distance.

Having once served as home mission worker for three years with the Baptist Women’s Missionary Society (now CBWOQ), Andrea will use her appointment to develop connections, or re-connections, between Baptist women presently in Canadian Baptist churches and those women who may feel their gifts and knowledge are no longer valued as relevant or needed in mission, ministry and fellowship.

Andrea, and her husband John, have lived in the east end of Toronto for many years, where they raised their two sons. The family now includes two amazing daughters-in-law and six grandchildren.