A message from ED Helena Bergen
Friends, I’m sure your hearts are as heavy as mine over the unfolding events in Ukraine. This call to prayer is from the Baptist World Alliance and comes from the Baptist women of Russia and Ukraine. Would you commit to standing with our sisters in asking God to make a way for peace?
Isaiah 43:19 – “Behold, I am going to do something new, Now it will spring up; Will you not be aware of it?
I will even make a roadway in the wilderness.”
Relying on God’s promise and the power of prayers, we do believe that God is able to make a road to peace between our two countries. Russian women are praying and fasting in this critical situation and would like to share our commitment to pray in one spirit with European women and Baptist women worldwide:
Our Heavenly Father, we come to you with humble hearts as to the Lord of History who holds the destiny of Ukraine and Russia in His hands. Lord, we come to you in the name of your Son Jesus Christ, the Prince of Peace, who brought your Peace – Shalom – to the earth. Forgive us when we do not abide in your peace.
• We pray for people of the land of Ukraine whose dreams, hope, health, properties and life itself are damaged and destroyed. Be their hope, provider and healer.
• We pray for children and mothers who are vulnerable and live in fear for years. Protect them, comfort them, and embrace them with your love.
• We pray for wisdom for the leaders of Ukraine and Russia. Guide them toward the path of peace.
• We pray for the world leaders, politicians, and diplomats making efforts to solve the tension between Ukraine and Russia.
• We pray for military forces – that your commandment “you shall not kill” will have a mighty power over their hearts and minds.
• We proclaim your victory over all principalities and evil powers.
In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit – Amen!