Starting and Growing A Women’s Group

God’s calling you to start (or revive) the women’s group or ministry at your church.

Where do you start?
  1. Gather. Meet with the other two or three women God’s also been calling to start or revive women’s ministry at your church. (Perhaps it’s just you. God may not have called other women to this task just yet. In that case, do seek prayer and counsel from leaders at your church before you begin.)
  2. Pray. What does God want for the women at your church?
  3. Research. Gather in as many women’s opinions as possible before you begin. You want to get a sense of what women need at your church.
  4. Take stock. What resources will you have to make the vision real? God may want you to start small.
  5. Launch. Once you’ve prayed, gathered women, done your research and taken stock, get started!

Ideas to gather women around

Join our Room To Pray focus for 2017/2018 and set up an interactive prayer room for LOVE DAY.

Adopt an anchor cause. Learn more.

Join our strategic giving campaign to raise funds for specific international projects run by Canadian Baptist Ministries.

Consider the women no longer connected with women’s ministry or active in your church. Is your group called to minister to this particular group of women?


Launching your women’s group or program

Host a Baptist Women Sunday at your church.

Invite Baptist Women staff to speak on topics like human trafficking, engaging young women, understanding and becoming friends with Muslim women.